Silverhawk is FAA 333 exempt and staffs fully licensed pilots

What We Do

Delivering an elevated perspective and actionable data.


Visual Data
Multispectral Data
3D Modeling/ Surveying
Infrastructure inspection
Asset Monitoring and tracking
Beta/Product Testing


Drone and Anti-Drone Programs
Platform development and design
Flight crew and operations training

Our Partners & Clients


How We Do It


Using state of the art custom drone platforms and mission specific sensors, our fleet collects the data you need to make decisions NOW.


With a proven track record and hundreds of flight hours, safety is our top priority. Operations are conducted under stringent guidelines approved by the FAA 333 exemption process and Certificate of Authorization. All flight crew members are licensed and insured professionals.


As an industry leader with a broad network of resources we can provide precision consulting services to ensure the success of your business.


Meet The Team

Dave Terry

Dave’s responsibilities include running the show and getting things done. He is a very experienced RC and private pilot. Being both innovative and motivated, Dave started Sliverhawk Aerial Imaging to lend his expertise and experience to a young, but booming industry.  With an "engineering" mind, he is well known in the “drone” world, especially here in Utah as one who is leading the charge into the future of UAV and multi rotor technology. 

Dave loves spending time with his family and is an all around good guy…

Nate Van Noy

Nathan is an explorer at heart. He has traveled all over the world for both business and pleasure. As an experienced pilot he was sent to Afghanistan on three separate deployments as a government contract pilot flying various platforms of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles where he carried out Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnoissance . He has a BS Degree from Brigham Young University. He joined Silverhawk in 2015 and loves working with drones because it is so personal and tangible to him.

  Nate currently lives in Bountiful Utah where he, his wife, and his daughter purchased a "fixer upper". Just to show how tough he is, he spent several months completely rebuilding the interior of the house with one hand tied behind his back. 


Mark Cawley
Chief Pilot 

Mark earned a bachelors degree in Flight Technology from Utah State University in 2006. Since then, he has worked as a flight instructor and corporate charter pilot. His love for aviation has translated into his work in aerial imaging. Mark brought his skills and knowledge with him, especially  with regards to  multi rotor systems when he joined Silverhawk in 2015. 

Mark is the proud owner of a Nissan that has traveled over 300,000 miles and still going strong.


Matt Linton
Director of Aerial Photography

Matt graduated from Utah Valley University with a major in Digital Media (film emphasis) back in 2008. Just before the beginning of his senior year he started working in the RC aerial video industry as an aerial camera operator, editor and director. Though he is a very experienced "drone pilot" in his own time, he exclusively takes care of the camera and editing side of things for Silverhawk.

As a kid, he crashed into things a lot. Mainly with his face. That's why we make him stay behind the camera. He loves being with his wife and two daughters and playing soccer as often as he can.

Tonya Goodin
Office Manager

Tonya has a long history of making Dave look good from backstage. When everybody else is out having fun flying drones all over the place, she's back in the office doing a lot of TCB (Taking Care of Business). 


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